Saturday, April 21, 2007

Online calculations & currency conversions

Have you heard of GOOGLE inbuilt calculator.
Try going to google.com and type your query like 3^5 or 3^4.68 or 3+5/10 or anything of that sort, and u have results waiting for you.
and if u don't want to go to google u can also do this by typing your expression in your browser's google search box.
I have also tried this with YAHOO search engine and it is working.(not sure about MSN Search).

Also try to type this 49$ in INR or USD IN rupees or any currency type in google search box and u will get the equivalent conversion of money.

You can also have conversions by going to finance.yahoo.com and typing in yur queries.
Another way to have online currency conversions is to go to XE.COM.

But I like the In-built Google calculator for most of these things.
I will update this list whenever I will find new.

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