Saturday, April 28, 2007

Do's and Don'ts in Orkut

Scrap Book Do and Do-nots.
Most of us do great blunder's while scrapping. let's see what to & what not to do while scrapping.

  • Dont forget that your Scrapbook is visible to all.

  • Never exchange your Personal details like Mob No.

  • If you and your buddy are meeting at some place give him details of event via email or Send him a message in Orkut.
    You may scrap him telling him to check his Inbox.

  • Never discuss your personal life, like your family life, your girlfriend or boyfriend names etc. in Orkut.

Profile Dos & Donts
These are the 5 things that you should not do

  • By default your contact address is given as visible to "EVERYONE". So better give a funny /fake one

  • Dont answer Q. like "You stay with"-- This could lead to some problems if that you have given you stay alone.

  • Dont give your true photo-- You can use AVATARS given by skype/yahoo/gtalk...

  • Dont flood your "INTEREST" page--This also gives a lot of details about you. Fill them but dont flood them.Finally,

  • Don't mention your School/college/office- This could be disastrous as people will come to know where you work where you live & studied.

Let look at some of the do's
  • Fill up all the unwanted details -- This makes your profile big so that it hides other fields whose details(compenciates) that you have not given.

  • Make all necessary personal details visible only to "FRIENDS"

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